Dinner is served

I can’t tell if I have always liked cooking, if I have fallen into being the family cook out of necessity, or if it is a new hobby that I actually enjoy.  Or, all of the above and maybe more?  As the husband/father, I have always felt the need to provide – I’m wired that way, and that extends to over-engineering and over-supplying home remedies, solutions and honey-do’s.  Anyway, I find myself growing out of recipes and meal solutions I never knew I knew.  Make sense?  I blinked, and became the family cook.  I blinked again, and I need new recipes.

Anyway, I think cooking is a new hobby now.  Tonight will be a roasted beef tenderloin (cooked at 425 degrees for 30 or so minutes), supported by baby arugula (with 1/4 cup olive oil, 1/2 lemon, and fresh shaved parmigiano reggiano), and organic french baguette (oh, with some whole foods creamy and dreamy horseradish sauce).  I call it Fancy L’il Open-face Steak Sammiches.  The kids will eat the steak as strips or cubes of steak, with Annie’s mac & cheese.  Healthy enough for kids who are super picky and overfed carbs, white flour carbs, and melted cheese.  I think maybe some asparagus for the adults (me and my wife) sounds nice.  Crack up the extra kosher salt and pepper please.  I’d be grateful for a great easy going and not too expensive wine recommendation. Send me new recipes or meal ideas as well.  Thx.


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