A death in the family

Nothing alerts you to the concept behind The Blink the way a death in the family can and does.  Even when the passing family member is in her 90s and has been sidelined by dementia and other elderly conditions that contributed to her inditement in hospice.  A surprise of this nature alerts you to all of the many months and years you missed while blinking.  Especially when “grandma great” lived in the far off land of Ohio.

It is to “Grandma Great” I say godspeed. There is a big lounger in heaven waiting for you where you will reacquaint with your husband of many moons, someone I never had the good fortune of meeting.  Enjoy his company.  Enjoy watching your gaggle of great grandchildren grow and exceed your every earthly expectation. Enjoy remembering and knowing their names again.

We will cherish your life in rememberance with photos and pictures we were able to take of you and with you over the last few years on our regular hauls to Ohio.  You leave behind 3 sons and a daughter.  I plan to take care of your daughter as if she were my own mother in law.  Which, as it turns out, she is.  Godspeed Grandma Great!


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